Hi friends and strangers!

I am Nancy Chang. I am a culture shifter based in Seattle, Washington, USA. I have worked all my life since I was tween (have IRS paperwork to prove it), in 2014 I officially declared my life’s mantra as “Feral and Free,” so far so good,  I am still self employed. Part of my online presence is to inspire others to be feral and free, and also share my metaphoric bumps and bruises of how to be.

I currently run a consulting business called Rain Jade Society, and work with clients that value authentic community building. My main client is Reel Grrls, and Uncle Harry’s Natural Products. I do consulting in arts administration, feminist media, non-profit administration, action sports, and transformative strategic planning.

The world is evolving both backwards and forwards. This is my online journal where I am putting my ideas from past, present, and future so I can in plain sight reflect.  Let’s connect.